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50+ Real Estate Memes Only REALTORS Will Understand

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Memes are everywhere. Whether you share them across your social media accounts, in emails, or even on your website, these real estate memes offer some much-needed entertainment for agents, their colleagues, and their audience.

Not only are real estate agent memes a fun and creative way to break out of your daily grind, but they can help build brand awareness and increase engagement across your social platforms. In fact, funny REALTOR® memes can highlight your relevance and authenticity while giving your social sphere a laugh in between your regular posts.

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In this blog, you can explore over 50 of the most popular real estate marketing memes that you can use for everything from client outreach to connecting with coworkers to a funny, entertaining way to express yourself in this industry. 

Before you make your next cold call, post your next listing or sit down and meet with your next client, take a break from your day-to-day grind and check out these incredibly witty and creative real estate memes made just for agents like you—and don’t forget to share your favorites across your social media accounts!

What Do Real Estate Agents Do, Exactly?

While the general idea of an agent’s job is to help sellers sell their homes and buyers buy a home, there is a lot more to it. From managing a jam-packed schedule and an overflowing inbox to handling all different types of clients, real estate agents often have a full plate. Use these memes to explain who you are and what you do…

real estate memes
When people wonder what's going on in my mind
Every realtor's phone
Wanting to sell your house? don't do it solo
I'm a lot like wonder woman
real estate memes

Sell Yourself With Confidence 

Buyers and sellers want to ensure that whoever they choose to work with not only knows what they are doing, but they are confident in their efforts. On the other hand, many leads and clients like their real estate agents to be relatable. Having the confidence in your work without making it seem like to take yourself too seriously will be the perfect balance. 

Show Them Why You Are the Best Agent!

Spell-check just changed the word topography to top producing queen of real estate. wow, my phone really does know me.
My clients had doubts about getting top dollar for their home... HAD
real estate memes
i don't always list... but when i do, it sells
I will look for you and i will find you ... the perfect house for real estate memes
asks to set an appointment... i got the listing

Closings Are Something to Boast (and Joke) About, Too…

i got 99 problems but closing real estate ain't one.
how i feel... on a closing day for real estate memes
Seller is on vacation

Celebrate Your Clients & Relationships

One of the most vital pieces of your social media strategy should be to put a spotlight on your clients and the relationships you have with them. Whether they just closed on a house or their offer has been accepted, post about it—and do it in a fun and entertaining way! 

This will let them know that you are there for them 100%, from helping them deal with lenders, sellers, and paperwork to celebrating their wins. In the end, their wins are your wins, so sharing this with your audience will not only make your clients feel special, but it will show any prospects that you are the best to work with. 

When a Client’s Offer Gets Accepted…

When your client's offer... gets accepted
My face... before telling my client the offer was accepted for real estate memes

When You Help Your Client Find Their Dream Home…

That moment ... when your clients find their dream home
That moment ... your client realizes this home is the one

Always Make Your Clients Feel Special, and Always Say Thank You…

When i receive a text from a seller/buyer who I love and want to talk to all the time..
Thank you... to me best clients ever!

Show Your Excitement About Referrals

A successful real estate business is built on referrals. So, why not ask your social circle for them in a fun and playful way? Whether you post it on your social media or send it along to a client who you are thankful for receiving a referral form, it’s important to show your appreciation for client referrals. This is also a good way to gently remind your audience to recommend you in the future. 

referral for real estate memes
Me... getting a new referral from you

Poke Fun at Your Coworkers & Colleagues 

Whether you work at a large brokerage firm with tons of agents or in a small office with a tight-knit group, it is important that you have a little fun with each other. Maybe you are a seasoned agent welcoming in a newbie. Or, maybe it’s time for new office headshots and one of your colleagues is a bit extra. No matter the circumstances, being able to joke and laugh with the people you work with will not just bring a fun atmosphere to the workplace, but it can showcase to your online audience that your company knows how to have a good time.

When that one agent in your office really works hard for headshot day
Every rookie agent headshot ever
When the new guy says he doesn't need to work weekends

Weekends…What are Weekends?

Agents, brokers, and pretty much anyone in the realm of real estate knows that there is no such thing as “weekends” in this industry. Since most homebuyers work “normal” jobs, such as a standard 9-5, Monday through Friday, weekends are often the go-to for house hunting. Unfortunately, that keeps agents on the clock on these precious days, and it comes as no surprise that they aren’t always so happy about it. But instead of posting a long rant about never having weekends off (and potentially scaring off any prospective clients, especially if weekends are what works best for them), share some light-hearted memes that will resonate with not only your colleagues but even some of your audience.  

Can't tell if they genuinely want to move or are just trying to waste my time on a busy Saturday for real estate memes
What people think realtors do on fridays ... what we really do
TGIF! ... We're realtors! that means nothing to us!
in real estate its not really a weekend for real estate memes
Woo hoo, it's Friday! oh a realtor
When i get a showing request for 10am on a Saturday for real estate memes
When everyone is talking about a 3 day work week but you are in real estate

Entertain and Educate Your Audience

Anyone scrolling through social media is expecting to be entertained, but agents are also online to help keep their audience educated. In addition to market reports, informational articles, and listing posts, you can keep your social sphere educated in a fun way. 

Post one of the memes below, which cover a few different topics, and add a caption with some educational stats or information. This will grab their attention and make them laugh, while still providing them with the information they need, especially if they are new to the buying/selling process. 

Why “For Sale By Owner” Properties Are the Worst!

I noticed the for sale by owner sign in your yard... I too like to live dangerously
What, 6% commission?! I'll sell my house myself!... any day now

Never Work With Discount Brokers…

real estate memes for realtors
And then they told me ... they were going to list with a discount broker!

Trust Your Agent, Not Zillow Zestimates…

real estate memes
real estate memes

Awkward Moments All Agents Can Relate To

When working in a people-focused industry, there are bound to be endless awkward moments, especially in real estate. Whether you’ve spent a little too much time with a picky client, or a buyer doesn’t fully understand what you do and what they can actually afford, real estate agents everywhere can relate. In these moments, you may feel flustered, frustrated, or simply baffled by the requests and actions that some people make. Express yourself, even in the most awkward of awkward moments, with humor and wit.

When the seller... Is still home during the home inspection
Your buyer, homes they can never, even afford, you
Yeah it gonna be a no from me dog for real estate memes
me watching non-realtors trying to explain the current housing market
MLS photos vs actual property for real estate memes
You stated you were ready to but... 47 showings over 4 months has determined that was a lie
Bidding wars... let the fun begin
People around in my car all day and into the night... but when i do i make sure they are pre-qualifed

And Everything In Between…

There are real estate marketing memes for just about anything and everything an agent experiences, feels, and deals with on a daily basis. The most important thing is that you use them as a light-hearted, humorous way to increase your engagement and connect with your colleagues and clients. 

my face... if you miss my open house tomorrow
IF you could not be home while I do a showing ... that would be great
Realtors waiting for... Spring inventory for real estate memes
If I had a dollar everytime I'm asked, How's the market?
Waiting on disclosures for real estate memes
When you have to tell your client that their offer wasn't accepted
Only getting leads from Facebook.
Learning how to cold call
Look at me... I'm the listing agent now for real estate memes
real estate memes

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