Facebook marketing ideas REALTORS®

Powerful Facebook Marketing Ideas for REALTORS® in 2022

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Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®

When it comes to social media for real estate agents, Facebook is king. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 97% of real estate agents use Facebook for their real estate business.  

In this blog, discover some of the most powerful Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®, including how to:

  • Promote Through Facebook Messenger 
  • Utilize Video and Live Streaming
  • Join Hyperlocal and Niche Groups
  • Cross-Promote With Local Businesses

Now, if your goal is to increase your leads this year, a well-thought out social media marketing strategy is needed. With these simple, yet effective Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®, you can grow your audience and reach new leads and clients in no time!  

Then we'll be fryin' fish in no time

Promote Through Facebook Messenger 

messenger for Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®

From magazines and newspapers to benches and buses, you have likely tried everything to promote your business. Now, you can connect with and advertise to your leads and clients all in one place.

The future of advertising is socially integrated digital platforms

Facebook Messenger allows you to reach your leads on the #1 social media platform for real estate agents. And when it comes to marketing, this tool can help you grow your business. 

How to attract people on Facebook

So, how exactly can you maximize the potential of Facebook Messenger for your marketing strategy? Below are some options, provided by The Close, that Facebook Messenger offers to reach new leads. 

Target audience for REALTORS® on Facebook

Facebook Click to Messenger Ads 

Just like regular Facebook ads, Click to Messenger Ads can be targeted. These ads will also appear in your audience’s home feed. But instead of clicking through to your website or services, the CTA (call to action) automatically allows your followers to start a conversation with you or your chat bots. 

Chatbot for Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®

Facebook Messenger Homepage Ads

Whether your audience uses a desktop or mobile device, the Facebook Messenger home page allows you to feature your ads on their Messenger home page. Similar to the Click to Messenger ads mentioned above, when a client or lead clicks on this ad, it will give them the opportunity to interact directly with you or your chat bot. 

CTA for Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®

Sponsored Messenger Ads

If you are looking to retarget your ads to the clients and leads that you have already interacted with, sponsored messenger ads are the way to go. This feature allows you to send a direct message right to their inbox, offering them the chance to reconnect with you and featuring a CTA to your website, listing or any other link you are promoting.

I got questions

Facebook Messenger Embedded on Your Website

The best part of Facebook Messenger Promote listings, offer services and give your leads a chance to reach out for general inquiries right from your website! By embedding Facebook Messenger to your website, you can give your prospective clients another way to contact you while providing you with location and information that you can later retarget with sponsored ads.  

Utilize Video and Live Streaming

going Live for Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®

Video marketing is powerful, especially today and especially in the real estate industry. From filming listing videos to educating your audience in a live stream, Facebook video marketing is one of the top ways for real estate agents to reach new prospects and stay engaged in 2022. 

Mapping out media for Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®

As part of your prospecting and marketing efforts, incorporating video on your Facebook can not only maximize your client acquisition and conversion, but also make you more memorable in the long run. 

I will be the most memorable and dominate player they have ever seen

Below are a few ways you can utilize video and live streaming in your 2022 Facebook marketing strategy.

Market Your Listings by Highlighting Lifestyle 

For today’s buyers, searching for their perfect home is less about square footage and more about how the home and neighborhood will make them feel. Video will catch the eyes of your audience and help to convey what daily life will truly look like. 

I'm getting the visual.

According to Nextdoor, the use of aerial footage can help prospective buyers visualize not only the dimensions and size of the property, but showcase the neighborhood and local amenities. 

Houses in cul de sac

Another way to showcase the lifestyle aspect of your properties is by hiring actors and producing “lifestyle videos.” The actors can help to create a vision of what life can be like while highlighting the features in a home, such as cooking in the kitchen, enjoying their outdoor space and watching television in the living room. 

Two people creating content

Whether you are listing a high-end home or an affordable condo, including video when marketing your listings on Facebook will highlight the potential of your for-sale property and increase the amount of interested buyers and potential clients.

Create Consumer Real Estate Video Content

Your Facebook audience is made up of consumers who rely on you for their real estate content. Providing informative and educational content will help drive traffic to your business and allow you to become their number one source. 

You are a very good friend

More than 60% of social media users prefer to watch a video over reading text. So, instead of diving into your next blog or article, consider creating a video to share your real estate tips, tricks and educational information. 

I have a tip

Yes, creating this content takes time. But, with the help of RISMedia’s ACESocial, you can grow your real estate brand with curated real estate and lifestyle content automatically posted to your Facebook and other social media accounts. With ACESocial, you can engage with your audience directly on your Facebook page while showcasing your expertise in the industry.

Ace Social landing page for content to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

Live Stream Community Events

When it comes to engaging with clients, especially in your community, live streaming on Facebook can take your marketing strategy to the next level. 

Let's take it to a while other place

Maybe the local high school team made it to the championship. Or, maybe the new farmer’s market in town is having their grand opening. No matter what the event may be, connecting to your community is important to be a successful real estate agent. 

This is a successful face

Next time you attend a local event, go live on your Facebook and share your experience. Showcase the community in an immersive way, answering viewer questions and highlighting local businesses and leaders. Be authentic, create a connection and most importantly, have fun!

Have fun

By providing your followers and potential clients a well-rounded narrative of what it’s like to live in a particular area, you’re offering them an opportunity to experience the city, town and neighborhood they are interested in, especially with the additional visual element that video offers.

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Join Hyperlocal and Niche Groups

Just like attending a networking event where you have the opportunity to meet all different people, Facebook groups offer a whole new pool of potential leads and clients. 

Facebook groups are just as they sound: A group of people on Facebook dedicated to sharing and discussing content geared towards a specific audience. And the options are endless.

Whether you serve a small community, a large city or specialize in the luxury market, there is a group for that. The members in the group may be looking for new listings, a real estate agent or even some simple advice, making this a valuable space to spend your time and highlight your services. 

Guy learning about Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®

Many towns and cities, as well as tight-knit communities, have their own Facebook groups. By joining the groups where you serve, you have the potential to reach and engage with prospects in your area, as well as build and maintain relationships. 

Not only will this help you build your business, but it will also help you stand apart from the competition, making you the agent that your neighborhood, community, town or city can trust and depend on. 

You the real MVP

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Cross-Promotion With Local Businesses

While joining Facebook groups connects you with leads and prospects, it is just as important for your marketing strategy to connect with local businesses in your area. Not only will this help your overall business, but it also opens up more marketing opportunities across this platform. 

notifications on Facebook

Cross-promoting is an easy and dependable marketing tool. When you do this with another company—for example, a lender, photographer or contractor in your area—it can be beneficial for both parties. 

Not only will you help build their business and reach new clients, but you are also putting your business in front of new eyes and a wider audience, all for half of the cost of your other marketing efforts. 

Cost vs. benefits chart

Before getting into the marketing business with someone local, be sure they are a reputable and trusted source that you have worked with in the past. Also, don’t go too far off-brand! You want to be sure that the businesses you choose to cross-promote with will benefit your clients, so stay in the realm of real estate, home buying and home ownership.

Handshake for Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®

Ideas for Cross-Promotion Campaigns

Facebook is a great social space for cross-promoting, as you can post in your local and niche groups depending on the business you are working with. This will help with engagement, allowing comments and discussions within the post. Below are a few examples of how you can cross-promote with another business on Facebook:

  • Create a joint ad. When selling a new home, include a contractor, inspector or even the listing photographer in the listing ad within the post, tagging their business page and sharing across each other’s pages.  
  • Give referrals. Instead of an ad, simply post about the business you are cross-promoting with. Ask them to do the same, and be sure to include a positive review or testimonial with the recommendation. 
  • Hold a Contest. A great way to cross-promote with a local business is to host a giveaway. Check out these ideas for giveaways and offer a prize for the services or goods of the other business.
These possibilities are endless

The possibilities of cross-promoting with local businesses are endless, especially on Facebook. This low-risk, high-reward marketing strategy can expand your reach, cut your social media marketing costs and strengthen your B2B relationships.

Thumbs up for Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®

Facebook is a strong tool for real estate agents everywhere. In 2022, you can unlock your businesses true potential with even just one of the strategies listed above. Gain more leads and prospects, connect with your market and create long-lasting relationships all in one place. 

With these Facebook marketing ideas for REALTORS®, you can create a smart and effective social media marketing strategy to carry you through the year!

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