Best REALTOR® Lead Generation Tricks That Work In 2022

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Generate more leads for your realty business with these best real estate lead generation tricks. This article is written by our staff approved real estate marketing specialists.

REALTOR® lead generation is constantly evolving. From traditional cold calling to utilizing social media platforms and lead generation sites for REALTORS®, there are many options for real estate agents to grow and develop their pool of leads, both online and offline.

When it comes to lead generation for REALTORS®, it can be difficult to figure out which strategy is right for your business, leaving you feeling defeated with no leads and prospects on the horizon. But, with a few tips and tricks from your friends at RISMedia, you can bring your real estate business to the forefront and generate valuable leads in no time! 

In this blog, you will learn how to generate more leads for your real estate business. The REALTOR® lead generation topics covered include:

  • Cold Calls
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Referrals
  • Video Content
  • Blogs

Go Old School With Cold Calls

Cold calling is one old school realtor lead generation trick.

Cold calling, though a seemingly outdated tactic for REALTOR® lead generation, is a tried and true method. Many of today’s agents, especially the younger generation, hate the idea of sitting at their desk and making call after call. After all, those who become real estate agents may choose to do so to avoid a traditional desk job. 

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But sticking to this old school lead generation method may just be the trick to generate better and more valuable real estate leads for REALTORS®. By implementing traditional phone work into your lead generation strategy, you are filling a potentially immediate need, which will ultimately lead to better conversations with better results. 

Of course, just like any marketing or lead generation tactic, rules apply. When making real estate cold calls, it is important to follow a well-written script. This will not only help you remember important information, but it will help to make you sound more professional so that the person on the other line will have a positive response. 

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Check out this article for more information: A Cold Calling Script That Actually Works

Once you have a script ready, be sure to practice with friends, family and coworkers. This will help you develop your message, as well as the opportunity to learn what to do when the caller is interested and how to respond to hearing a “no.”

Connect With Your Sphere of Influence

Another realtor lead generation trick is to utilize your sphere of influence.

A real estate agent’s sphere of influence is a gold mine. Identified by friends, family, social media contacts, acquaintances and past clients, this list of people in your network, both personal and professional, can help you with your lead generation

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But how exactly can your sphere of influence help you with lead generation? By staying connected! Whether you choose to send out daily or weekly newsletters, share posts on social media or even mail a personalized note, having constant contact with your sphere of influence is important. They should be your primary source for transactions and repeat business, as long as you do your part. Because when you take care of your people, they will take care of you. 

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If you choose to connect on social media, ask your audience to share your listings, news or educational information to their social circles. Chances are, someone outside of your circle will see the post, and if they are an interested buyer or seller, or simply like the way you present yourself online, you have just generated a potential lead!  

In newsletters, be sure to include a Call to Action (CTA) directing your audience to share your listings, news or even your contact information to others looking to buy or sell a home. You may be surprised with how many leads and prospects you can get from simply asking the people you stay in constant contact with!

Ask Past Clients for Referrals

Referrals are another great tactic for boosting lead generation for realtors.

Speaking of connecting with your sphere of influence and utilizing these groups to generate leads, referrals are another great tactic for boosting lead generation for REALTORS®. If you had a positive experience with a past client, use this to your advantage! 

According to Campaign Creators, letting your results from past transactions speak for themselves is a great way of establishing your reputation. And the best way to showcase that sparkling reputation is through testimonials. Testimonials can be written or recorded, then shared on your website, major real estate platforms and of course, social media.

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Referrals are a powerful source for REALTOR® lead generation—and one many clients like to provide. In a 2020 NAR research report, it was found that 91% of buyers who had a good experience with their agent would recommend them to others. And the best part of real estate referrals? They are FREE! 

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By maintaining good relationships, within your sphere of influence and especially with past clients, you can ensure that you will be top of mind when they have a friend or colleague looking to buy or sell a home. 

Utilize the Power of Video

Videos can help increase social media engagement for realtors.

In today’s real estate space, video is an essential piece of the marketing puzzle…and this includes REALTOR® lead generation. From curating video home tours to getting your own face in front of the camera, you will find that along with a boost in engagement on social media, you will also attract a wider audience of buyers and sellers. 

Check out this article for more information: Be a More Accessible Agent With Videos…Starring You!

Videos attract two to three times more visitors to an agent’s website or social media page, plus they double the amount of time they spend there. And the more eyes you can bring to your business, the more likely you will generate a pool of valuable leads. Here are some different types of videos you can—and should—add to your marketing strategy:

  • Listing walk-throughs and open houses
  • Client Interviews and Testimonials
  • Agent/Team Profiles
  • Live Stream Q&A and How-To Sessions
  • Live Stream Community Events
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Of course, when it comes to listings, only seriously interested buyers will reach out to you—but the more you have available and accessible, the higher the chance of gaining new leads and clients will be!

Start Your Own Blog

Blogs can drive organic traffic to your website.

In addition to growing your collection of video content, blogs are essential to driving organic traffic to your website, ultimately resulting in more lead generation. Another perk that comes along with a blog—it’s free! All it takes is some time out of your weekly schedule to put the content together, then simply share it across your social media, on your website and even in email newsletters. 

Check out this article for more information: Industry Influencers: Generating Organic Leads Through an Extensive Blog Network

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If you work for a more niche brokerage, or in a unique market, having a blog focused on what makes your business different can help you stand out from the crowd even more. Lean into it and become an expert in that space to develop a reputation as a go-to agent for these buyers and sellers. 

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Whatever you choose to write your blogs about, whether it is your niche, how-to guides or educational information, utilize search engine optimization, or SEO, to drive up your search rankings. Learn more about SEO here!

According to HubSpot, blogs are one of three primary forms of media marketing used today. And, it has been found that the more you utilize your blog, the more leads that will be generated. Just be sure that if you start a blog, you stick to it, and remember that though it is a long-term strategy, you can also use it for short-term benefits, such as promotional opportunities for your real estate business, from listings to open houses. 

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Leads are the lifeline of a real estate business, so be sure to add one or all of these strategies to your REALTOR® lead generation strategy. From cold calling to blogging, connecting and recording, with these tips and tricks, you will generate more leads in no time!

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